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(March 21 - April 19)

June 2023

Mars continues in your solar eleventh house energizing your social activities, group activities and time with friends. Your high energy will be infectious. This month you may be a champion of the little people, and excel in arousing groups of people to a worthy project. You can be an organizer or at least an initiator of action, and perhaps even a militant demonstrator. While no one in a group will work harder than you, sometimes you can be a disruptive force because of your independent attitude. Your area of communication is in the spotlight for you during first three weeks of June as well, as the Sun occupies your solar third house. It might be said that this placement actually compels you to want to learn and to broadly expand your understanding of many varied subjects. The ability to express ideas effectively will be especially important to you. This could require more writing or documentation or research at work and all forms of correspondence. Thanks to relatives or close friends some of you will be introduced to new and exciting individuals. This might be your ticket to a better life. After 21st, the spotlight shifts to domestic and family concerns as the Sun joins planets in your solar fourth house.

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