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(March 21 - April 19)

December 2022

December finds Mars in your solar seventh house of partners. The marital partner, or business partners are likely to possess aggressive natures, and impulsive behavior stemming from these relationships is predictable. In this field, necessary tact in dealing with associates will be hard to find. The Sun in the ninth house are suggesting that your focus may be on idealistic rather than the practical side of affairs. Your high ideals can be carried too far this time. The ninth house planets likewise have a desire to cover distances physically. Expect some travel this month. Your mind is on matters far and wide, and you could be considering either expanding your base of knowledge with further studies or looking to work abroad or expanding your business abroad. After the 9th Mars enters the next sign, and your solar eight house, putting shared resources, money, investments, conditions of the dead, legacies, property and sexual activities under the gun. The Sun joins Pluto in your solar tenth house after the 21st making career and business your focus for the rest of the month. You could be receiving news concerning your career and status and they will be accompanied by many questions so you can have some reorientation in what do you wish to accomplish in life.

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